Complete ESD Management, Monitoring, and Control
From ESD Monitors to ESD Bags, SCS Static Control has the deepest, broadest, most complete product line aimed at addressing ESD issues on the market. The team here at Restronics can help you find the right solution for your specific ESD requirements.
SCS has a wide range of products and services designed to meet your specific ESD requirements. The technical staff takes time to assess your current issue(s) and provides a thorough analysis of what is necessary for success. Each client has different requirements and SCS and Restronics can help you meet the ESD20.20 specification and then certify that your facility is in compliance.
The expert technicians can also help end-users or maintenance personnel understand static issues and train them in proper ESD management techniques, thereby guaranteeing that your products will be handled properly. The bottom line is that SCS wants to provide their customers with the best possible service at competitive rates.
Coaching Clients in Static Prevention Techniques
"ESD Prevention is everyone's responsibility." This statement is one that we at SCS take to heart. They firmly believe that the key to successful ESD prevention is getting everyone on board, from top management down to the line workers.
This is why they offer static prevention training and educational services. Their team of experts will work with your personnel to develop an ESD prevention plan that meets your specific needs and is easy to understand and implement. They will also provide the necessary training to make sure that everyone knows their role in keeping your products static-free.
SCS is the world leader in providing static control solutions to electronic manufacturers. No one is close. From personal ESD protection – Smocks, heel grounders and wrist straps to ESD monitors to protect your workbench, production tools, automated production equipment to testing your personnel when they set foot on your production floor, SCS has it all. SCS manufactures all their ESD shielding bags in their Sanford, North Carolina facility. Also the tools to test and find where your ESD issues are, including the revolutionary SMP system that automates the monitoring, reporting and record keeping of ESD events on the workbench, production line and personnel.
If you are interested in an ESD Assessment of your processes or workbenches, contact us here at Restronics Southeast and we will be happy to provide you with a complimentary ESD analysis of your environment.