Solutions and systems for all inspection tasks in the electronics industry
State-of-the-art inspection systems from Viscom are used wherever the fully automated inspection of electronic assemblies plays a vital role. Precision inspection solutions are an important component of quality assurance and process optimization in industrial electronics manufacturing.
Viscom aspires to 100% error detection. Viscom inspection range covers solder inspection (SPI) , automated optical inspection (AOI), automated x-ray inspection (AXI), manual x-ray (MXI), conformal coating inspection (CCI) and wire bond inspection (BO).  
Rapid non-destructive quality control for battery cells
The detection, measurement and classification of design-specific failures are significant criteria for producing high quality, cost-effective battery cells. Viscom X-ray metrology components are all developed in-house to ensure clients the highest possible precision and accuracy levels, regardless of cell format including coins, cylindrical, pouch, and prismatic cells.