Techwear is a company that seeks to deliver first-class customer support while delivering apparel that is made in the USA, at an attractive price. Techwear also takes pleasure in being the global leader in static control garments by providing expert customer service and guidance, along with revolutionary, patented, and customized goods to satisfy our customer’s specific requirements.


Techwear’s apparel is an essential aspect of any complete static-control program and can be discovered in every electronics manufacturer in the United States.

Tech Wear is delighted to have created and produced breakthrough new fabrics specifically used in ESD apparel as a pioneer in the field of electrostatic dissipative fabrics. Prior to Techwear, most ESD garments included stainless steel-based conductive fibers.

These materials became obsolete when it was determined that the stainless steel fibers were coming apart and causing health issues as well as potential contamination problems in production. All of the issues presented by stainless steel fibers were addressed when Techwear developed carbon-based conductive materials.

Techwear is an innovator in the area of static event monitoring with a patented "X2" clothing that serves as either a full-body ground or two separate grounding points.

Techwear's goal is to create innovative products and services for industries, government agencies, and private companies looking to decrease the risk from static electricity.